IKR my anckles were really REALLY hurting today after school so that i almost couldn’t walk and that’s kinda normal but they’ve never been hurting this bad. I know i tripped badly when i was little and sprained my ligament. my mum took a look at it and was like “HOLY HELL i didn’t know your anckle was THIS loose YOU NEED A SURGERY” apparently the loose ligament is making my foot stick in a odd angle and it’s hurting both of my feet SO YEAH

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  1. zippura said: VOI KULTA…….. nyt meet lääkäriis niitten nilkkojes kanssa!! mä oon aina valmis kantamaan sut sitte matikantunnille ja muutenki rappuset ylös jos oot sitte jalat paketissa. :”’(((<3<3<33<3<3<3<3<3<3 voi pieni rakas anna nyyh, miks tätä tapahtuu!
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